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Our affiliated doctors of optometry will provide you with a complete 21-point eye examination to determine not only your prescription, but also the health of your eyes.


Designer Eyewear & Frames

When it comes to designer eyewear and frames, we constantly monitor the latest trends in fashion to be sure that you have the largest selection of contemporary styles to choose from.


125 Years of Family

Success starts with a clear vision. We set out to bring quality care and service to the world of optics. Over a century later, we still measure our success by those same guidelines.



Zinc and Ocular Health: From Antiquity to Modern Times

Jun 18 2013

Although zinc was found to be essential to living organisms in 1869, the idea that zinc deficiency can occur in humans wasn’t established until much later. Pioneering work by Annada Prasad, and co-wor… read more

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